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Cob to Cork and Ocean to City 2017

Day one of the Cob to Cork Challenge #OceantoCity

Its been a long day! Very early start with catching the ferry at 230am, arriving at 6 and then our first row from Bullock Bay at 715am. We had a lovely welcome from Hilary from St Michael’s 😊
Despite about 3hrs sleep a-piece, everyone pulled together rowing with wind against an ebbing tide taking us to Wicklow. We were unable to get to Arklow as the wind picked up and the changing tide.
Massive thanks to Wicklow Yacht Club letting us take over and kip on the floor. Now for food 🍛🍛
Cross fingers for good weather 2moro.

Day 2 of the Cob to Cork Challenge #OceantoCity

Wicklow to Cohore Point. Lush day – sun out with south westerly winds 😎 and a chance to sail on Crwydr ⛵
Rowing n ribing was excellent.. however problem with the land support. Rich’s van broke down so hoping to get that fixed soon. Lovely bay at Cohore where we finished for today.. what a better way to finish of rowing than by a few drinks overlooking the bay and maybe a swim (Caroline W)
Logistics for the next few days to be sorted now that we’r fed by Nicola‘s family. It was gorgeous!!

Day 3 of the Cob to Cork Challenge #Oceantocity

Starting from Cahore bay at 815am and onwards to Rosslaire. Thrilling row all round 🚣😐!
Big swells at the start so we’r all squealing like we’r on a rollercoaster ride 😃 a couple of exciting surf launches before the rain came in. It flattend the sea thou so bit better to get into Rosslaire..
We had seals following us all the way.. Im convinced its the same one from Greystones.
No news on the van yet….
Massive thanks to all our support. We defenatley couldnt have got so far without the Crwydr crew, rib drivers and land support!!
We may have lost a crew member to a baskin shark and whiskey 😉😉 to be confirmed

Day 4 of the Cob to Cork Challenge #OceantoCity

Its been a bit blustery today.. or otherwise known as a f*****g hoolie. However the sun is out. So as u can imagine, we’re all grounded
Reconnoitred the coastline and making choices for tomorrow.
We did have a play at Rosslaire, now camping at Newtown, Tramore and choosing our take away.
Due to conditions, we have sadly said goodbye to Crwydr but thank them immensely for there support….
Also, many thanks to Nicola‘s parents – Ann and Jim -for their wonderful hospitality, their shed and for taking over their kitchen

Day 5 of the Cob to Cork Challenge #OceantoCity

Mad and hairraising gets thrown around a lot eith the rowers. Today, i think we might have shown why
Today was Dunmore East to Clonae Strand. We had to miss a chunk yesterday due to the weather so today was a catch up day and racing the weather.
We left at 7am sharp with lovely sun with what looked like flat calm conditions but little did we know that Dunmore East was shelterd 😕 first crew had more of a rollercoaster ride than y…estsrday with 8ft swells. We had to shorten the first session to give the rest of us a chance to row 😉 as they were enjoying themselves that much a game of Lobster Pot Billiards was invented.
It started with a light rain shower, then a down pour and then fog.
A few more surf launches as well – massive adrenaline rush 😃😃
Staying at Newtown Cove Caravan and Camping – excellent spot and facilities. Specialy easier to stay there 2nights with conditions as they were

Day 6 of the Cob to Cork Challenge #oceantocity

Weather has delayed us a bit today.. fog n heavy rain. Late start at 1pm as we were also checking the beaches ahead and the route.
However only 4.5miles covered today with spectacular surf 😁 adventurous rowing all round.
We’r checking into the Clarion Hotel, Cork and everyone’s looking forward to a nice bed and shower. Not that camping wasnt nice..

Day 7 of the Cob to Cork Challenge #oceantocity

Wemade it!! Started from Roches Point to Cork 😃😃

Another late start today – lie in, breaky and a bit of a shopping spree.
We would have attempted a longer row but a strong wind and flooding tide was against us.
But rowing into Cobh and onto Cork was amazing!! We did have a couple of run ins with a couple of highly stacked container ships and a cruise liner 🚢 but they didnt slow us down 🚣….
Well done all and massive congratulations all round!! A celebratory meal and drink tonight before the Big Race tomorrow – one more bkog to go.

Day 8 – final day of out Cob to Cork Challenge #oceantocity

Race over! Who woukl a thought we would have made it and… won a blooming trophy!!
1st mixed celtic – 2nd celtic over the line behind Aberdyfi men.
We were also awarded Special Endevour and Most Inconventional Route for our journey down from Bullock Bay°!! Thank you Ocean to City.
We enjoyed every moment and to finish our adventure by doing the Race was AMAZING!!…
Here’s to next years’ mad adventure! So proud of everyone!!

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