Weekly Rowrota

To ensure that all members are allocated a suitable seat in a boat, we use a strict system of availability notification which has to be adhered to by all members

  • Rowers are sent an email at the end of the week from ‘rowrota’. This email contains a form which needs to be completed by every rower (apart from Juniors as they have their specific session on a Thursday)
  • This form must be completed before 6pm on Sunday
  • The monthly Organiser selects the crews and advises all by email on Sunday for the coming week
  • Organiser will also list all ‘spares’ for each evening
  • If any rower is unable to row for any reason then it is the rowers responsibility to find an alternative rower to take their place (novices please contact the organiser)

Failure to show up or get a replacement to fill your seat is a fine of £5.