New Rowers Questionnaire

New Rowers Questionnaire

To be completed by all new rowers before their first row
  • If you can't swim, you can still row! You'll just need to ensure you are always wearing a lifejacket when you go out on the water. All junior rowers up to the age of 18 must wear a lifejacket on the water.
  • Health Questionnaire

  • The questions below will indicate if you need to check with your Doctor before you start rowing. If you are over 50 years of age and not currently active, you should consult with your Doctor prior to commencing an exercise regime. Please read the questions below and answer honestly (circle the most applicable answer):
  • If you have answered any of the above questions with a yes you will need to consult with your GP before you start becoming more physically active. Your GP will advise whether rowing is a suitable activity for you.
  • Photography

    To promote the sport of rowing, our club and our sponsors we do occasionally take photographs of rowers in the boats or on land. All images are vetted before being published. These images may be used for print media and on social networks. Your signature below confirms that we may use your image unless specifically instructed not to do so in the comments box below.
  • Declaration

    I have read understood and completed the above questionnaire and acknowledge that there are risks and dangers inherent in rowing and physical exercise and duly undertake the activity at my own risk. Madoc Yacht Club Limited and its members shall not be held liable for any personal accident, accidental damage or loss of life while I am undertaking any rowing or rowing related activities.
  • Please note, we take this as a digital signature. If you intend to print this form and submit a paper copy, leave this section blank and sign it after printing.
  • Please select the date you signed or will sign this form.
  • Please note, we take this as a digital signature. If you intend to print this form and submit a paper copy, leave this section blank and ask your parent or guardian to sign it after printing.
  • Is there anything else you think we should know about that's not covered on this form?
  • This form must be received by the Membership Secretary before your first row.

    Membership Secretary

    Helen Roberts
    Dolfriog Farm
    LL48 6SN

    Mobile: 07919 221557
  • Joining System and fees 2017

    • Your first two rows are free
    • After that if you decide to carry on you will need to pay insurance fees to the Welsh Sea Rowing Association of £12 (£6 for juniors 18 and under). This insurance will cover you for that WSRA year.
    • Fee of £1 per row for all rows after the initial 2 free rows
    • After 6 rows you need to join the yacht club, 2014 fees are as below:

    Class Full Year After June 30th
    Family £210 £105
    Single £130 £65
    Student and Overseas £30 £15
    Single under 25 years £50 £25
    Joining Fee (All classes) £15 £15

    No fees are due after December 1st. Fees will be carried over to the full year in the following year.
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