Forward to row – The first command to prepare to start rowing, lean forward arms locked out and ready to take first stroke.
Row or GO – All rowers start to row.
Hold up – Hold Water – Put the blades square into the water, causing the boat to decelerate quickly and stop. Command for an EMERGENCY STOP!
Back down – Push the oar backward through the water to move the boat towards the stern. In effect REVERSING.
Big twenty – Coxswains call to take a certain number of power strokes that muster all their strength.
Easy oars – Coxswains call to have all rowers stop rowing and lay the spoons/blades flat on the water. (This has a good stabilising effect on the boat when rowers have to move around).
Let it run – call for all rowers to stop rowing and to pause at the finish, letting the boat glide through the water and coast to a stop. Used as a drill to build balance.
Greens or Reds only – Command for the other side to stop rowing when maneuvering a sharp turn or cross current.

Light or Hard – Commands to control the amount of force to be applied.  E.g. Light on reds, hard on greens – to steer the boat to port.

General maritime terms:-

Broaching – A wave breaking over the side of the boat possibly causing a capsize. But sometimes unavoidable when beaching at end of beach started races.
Ebb tide – Tide going out.
Flood tide – Tide coming in.
In the Lee of – protected from the wind by a headland or another boat or structure.
Lee Shore – When the wind is blowing onto the shore. Potential DANGER of being driven onto shore or rocks.
Neap tides – Short tides occurring between full and new moon. Tidal differences considerably reduced. Less
Off Shore – when the wind is blowing off the land. Potential DANGER of being blown out to sea
Pooped – A wave breaking over the stern of the boat. Celtics can cope with one possibly two of these before in danger of capsizing. Best to avoid this type of situation developing by keeping away from shallow water and surf.. But sometimes unavoidable when beaching at end of beach started races.
Rip Tide – A strong under current running parallel to the shore caused by tidal flow. Frequently catches out swimmers and can carry them out to sea.
Spring tide – Extremes of high and low water occurring around full and new moon. A lot of water on the move water on the move.
Wind over Tide – Choppy Sea caused by the tide/river running in the opposite direction to the wind.
Starboard – RIGHT/GREEN