Row Rota

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How We Organise Rows

We use a simple system to organise our rowing which we call Row Rota. Once a week, members receive two emails (one for evening and weekend rowing, the other for day time rowing), these emails are usually sent out on a Thursday. The email contains a link to a Google form which has details of the planned boats for the following week, all you need to do is fill in the form stating ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the days and times you’d like to row.

At some point on Sunday evening, whichever member is organising Row Rota for that month will go through all the responses and try their best to put boats together. They’ll then send another email letting everyone know who’s rowing when. It’s a difficult job and virtually impossible to keep everyone happy, so we ask all members to follow the below points:

  • Fill the form in promptly and no later than 5pm on Sunday evening
  • If you can no longer make a row that you’ve committed to, we ask that you find a replacement and inform the crew of that boat

Not turning up to row when you’ve committed can be a real disappointment to the rest of the crew who might not be able to go out (and some of our members travel for 30 minutes or more to row). Not turning up to row without letting the crew know well in advance carries a £5 fine which should be paid into the pound pot before your next row.