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Winter rowing is a little different to the rest of the year. It’s obviously a little colder and for the evenings there are increased risks involved – but that doesn’t stop us getting on the water! The usualy row rota continues all year round, but during the winter we make a few changes:

Weekday and Weekend Rowing

During the winter months, we will always try to organise a boat on weekdays to go out around 2 hours before high tide. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t always on our side and as such there is always the possibility we will have to cancel any planned rows with short notice.

Evening Rowing

During the winter, we only row twice a week in the evenings. This is usually on a Tuesday and Thursday but may depend on tides and weather conditions, and as with the day time rowing, the weather always has it’s part to play and we may have to cancel any planned rows with short notice.

During the evenings, we also take extra safety precautions. All boats are fitted with lights on the bow and stern, all crew members must carry a head torch and wear a life jacket. We also only tend to allow more experienced rowers out in evenings.