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Porthmadog Rowing is part of the Madog Yacht Club and as part of its development runs a Junior Rowing Section. Its base is in the Yacht Club on the quay in Porthmadog harbour with a compound behind where the boats are stored and activities start from.

An experienced team of coaches, managers and adult support rowers coordinate the section with safety always the 1st priority within all its activities.

The club has English and Welsh speaking coaches. Due to individuals availability sessions may be held in English only but when possible, and appropriate, bilingual coaching will be available.

The section is focused upon enthusing 12 to 18 year olds about rowing as a competitive sport, enjoyable activity plus providing a breadth of life skills.


We have 5 types of activities:

  1. Rowing
  2. Racing
  3. Cross training
  4. Complementary skills
  5. Social

Rowing Winter – October to March Sunday mornings 10.00 to 12.00

On the 1st Sunday of each month we take boats to a lake to experience                  other conditions, often with other clubs.

Summer – April to September            Thursday evenings 5.30 to 7.00

  1. Racing We compete in the WSRA (Welsh Sea Rowing Association) league programme along with the adults. These races are held on Sundays from April to Sept. A fixture list becomes available in the New Year.

Cross Training

To develop coordination, strength, stamina and skills other activities are arranged to ensure the club squads are competitive. eg gym training, outdoor exercises, ergos (rowing machines) training etc. These are under the guidance of professional trainers to ensure that the     form of exercise is commensurate with the age and physiology of the                      youngsters. These sessions will be optional.

4.Complementary Skills

To broaden skills and gain understanding of the environment that the youngsters are working in complementary training will be arranged eg 1st Aid, Radio Handling, Fine Rowing etc as voluntary options.

  1. Social A social programme is developed to engender a team spirit.


Rowing is an all weather and all season sport and so consideration to clothing, hot and cold weather plus hydration and energy foods has to be made plus of course safety equipment.

  1. Cold Weather.  A wicking under garment plus a top, one or both to be long sleeved. A further body warmer/fleece is needed which will be taken off once warmed up. Long legged sports pants are also sensible.
  2. Warm Weather. A light weight shirt/vest is adequate. During sunny                                periods screen or sleeves and cap are necessary. Shorts are appropriate.
  3. Wet Weather.              A light weight shower proof is necessary. This also                        applies if the sea conditions are lumpy due to spray and  protection against wind.
  4. A change of clothes plus warm clothes are also necessary after rowing as the body cools down after exertion. Hot showers are available in the club.

Launching the boats requires rowers to paddle and so footwear will get wet. Old trainers or neoprene booties are options.

I suggest that parents discuss clothing with a coordinator or coach for advice and before purchasing.

The club has a set of club shirts to race in.

During and after rowing a drink must be available (especially during hot weather).

Safety Equipment and Medical Matters

The club supplies safety equipment, in particular lifejackets.

All new rowers have to complete a medical questionnaire. Should any particular medical condition apply parents must advise the Junior Coordinator or coach running the session.


The Club has a trained Welfare Officer. Should any youngster, parent or club member have any concerns that they that they do not wish to raise with the Junior Coaching team the Welfare Officer can be contacted in confidentiality. Necessary actions will then be carried out.

Photography, Videography

From time to time photographs of club events and crews will be taken for PR and for interest with postings on Facebook and Website. These will be monitored. Should you wish your child not to be photographed your wishes will be respected.

Videoing of crews is a necessary process in coaching. These videos will only be used for coaching and training purposes and can be inspected on request.

Supporting the Juniors

If you are able to help in any way this will be gratefully received: transport, club events, timekeeping, maintenance, or any other area which you feel you could support and enhance the experiences for all members of the Rowing Club, please contact any of the Club officials.

Do feel free to ask at any time for more information and you will always be welcome to have a go yourself.