The London River Race 2017

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The London River Race 2017

This year two more teams from MYC Rowing headed for the capital to take on the London River Race, an epic 22 mile row from the London docklands along the River Thames to Ham in Surrey. Over 330 boats entered this years race, an incredible mix of Gigs, Longboats, Skiffs and more took over the river to compete.

Emergency repairs being carried out on the boat trailer

This year saw a little added drama on the journey down when Geoff spotted a potentially disastrous issue with the trailer which could have ended the race for our crews before we had even arrived. Thankfully the ever resourceful Captain Bob came to the rescue, managing to arrange emergency repairs in Birmingham with someone he’s not seen in over 30 years!

Race day started with an early wake up call (much to the delight of those who had ignored the Captain’s instructions of no alcohol the night before… Geoff), and before we knew it, we were on the busses heading for the start line followed subtly by the S4C camera crew sent to stalk document our ladies crew.

The men’s boat consisted of Simon and Bob who shared coxing, Richard A and Dan who rowed the whole slog and Sophie and Caroline who shared the race and did their best to act all manly. Thank’s no less to Simon and Bob’s incredible coxing and a stunning effort from everyone else, Fleetwing finished the race in the top 30 boats across the line and was the second Celtic Longboat to finish. Completing the race in 02:32:17 and giving them second place.

Caroline informing Geoff that the boat needs to be in the water before he is supposed to get in.

Madog was crewed by the Ladies consisting of Geoff coxing, Sarah, Elaine H, Elaine W, Leslie and Christine. An emotional race, with the entire crew pulling their hardest. Unfortunately a crash near the start of the race hampered the ladies from achieving their ultimate goal, but through sheer determination (and probably a lot of swearing) they managed to finish 3rd in their category missing out on the winning spot by less than a minute. They completed the race in an impressive 02:39:33.

The party that followed saw our Captains dancing off into the party tent, Caroline enjoying the view from on top of a table whilst strutting her stuff and everyone washing down the evenings cuisine with a selection of the finest Purple Moose.

Sore muscles and blisters were had by all, as well as a fantastic weekend. Next year… we bring back a trophy!

You can view all the provisional results from the race here


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If anyone has any more images from this years trip that you’d like to share, could you please email them to me so I can get them uploaded.

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