Captain’s Update May 24

A Captains Update

Following MYC’s amazing Madog Dash on Saturday 11th May came the Beaumaris League Race the following day.

Using ‘fresh’ rowers MYC Rowing set off to a very sunny and warm Beaumaris, where following  the unloading of boats and breakfast at the Yacht Club, the racing started.

Our first crew was our men’s seniors, this is an open category for any age. Our problem was we didn’t have 4 men to put in the boat so one of our strongest rowers Sarah Thomas manned up and took one for the The Team.

With Tina as our cox we made our way to a busy start line and found ourselves in shallow water near the shore, but a strong start saw us pull out of trouble and head off towards Puffin Island for the 1st turn.

The course then took a turn to starboard towards the mainland then off down the straits towards Bangor before turning back towards Beaumaris for the finish straight.

Despite our best efforts and working hard throughout this was a tough race and we found ourselves coming 8th out of the 10 entries.

We had a chance to go again in the Mixed Race and this time we fielded a Supavets team of Pippa, Tina, Jerry and Jim. Safe to say this category is for the Over 55’s which we just about qualified for! Our leader on this occasion was Mr. Bob Chamberlain.

We started in deeper water this time and off we went, the same course as before but even hotter weather as some of the morning breeze had dropped,

With a field of 17 boats this was a busy race, after settling in to our rhythm we were being chased by a boat from Deganwy, Tal Y Fan for most of the race, we stayed ahead but shortly before the last turn they managed to cut inside at the buoy and surge ahead, an extreme effort was required and with encouragement from Mr. Bob we caught, over-took and then stayed ahead of them to cross the line in 14th place.

Despite this position we were 3rd in our class, beating two teams of veterans (over 40) and one team of seniors who were all under 40!  So considering two unnamed members of our excellent team were over 70 I think we did brilliantly.

Our trusty steed for the two races was Madog, lucky boat number 44, and thanks must go to her sponsor, CK Tools, Designed For Professionals.

After the race we rehydrated at the Beaumaris Yacht Club and after some food made our weary way home.

So a big thank you to Beaumaris Rowing Club and Bob and Mike for carrying out towing duties.

The lesson I think for this day was, we would love more of our rowers to come and enjoy the day, whether rowing, towing or just supporting, come along, meet other people from other clubs from far and wide and have a great day. We would love to win some races and I know that with some of the great people we have at our club we can return to winning ways. Just ask any other club members whether new or seasoned for more information.

Anyway enough of that, I have another race to report on!

Sunday the 19th May dawned sunny and warm at Porthmadog, so off we went again, this time with boat number 90, Glaslyn, kindly sponsored by Rodney Morgan Plumbing & Heating. Our destination, Moelfre on Ynys Mon (Anglesey).

Picking up passengers along the way,  the bright sunny day soon turned to mist, then fog, then gloom and by the time we arrived at Traeth Bychan, a small bay between Benllech and Moelfre on the east coast of the island, it looked like racing may be cancelled! Visibility at sea was around 300 metres at best.

Anyway, Moelfre Rowing Club had laid on a hearty breakfast and a table (collapsing under the weight of cakes and goodies) so we tucked in and relaxed waiting for a decision to race.

Luckily for all involved, especially the organizers the fog started to lift, the sun came out and the day started to warm back up.

Todays combatants from MYC were,  Hettie, who had camped over- night nearby with her beautiful family, with Ash, Ian, Bob, Mike and myself. Supported by family and Mabli our little black furry cheerleader, we settled down once the boats were prepared and watched the early races, the course heading from the beach, out to sea, turning north towards Ynys Moelfre and back again.

The ladies, Mens and Sculling races were before us, but we did have interest in the Supavets Double Scull event with Mike and Bob representing us.

After a beach start all the sculls set off towards a marker about a mile out and after rounding the buoy returned to the beach. The conditions were perfect and calm and a good competitive race ensued.

The trouble with sculls of course is that you can’t see where you are going!  With a variety of rear view mirrors and guidance from each other and the ever present safety boats everyone completed the course. With only one capsize (not our boys) and the total loss of a slidy seat to the deep, a great race had taken place. Bob and Mike came first in their class, and our good friend Val Edwards from the Rex Boat Club at Chester, won the ladies race and in fact finished 2nd overall.

So now it was time for our carefully selected mixed boat to take to the water with 16 other boats, again racing the full course and starting on the beach.

The team selected to represent MYC Rowing, Porthmadog were, Hettie in stroke, Ian, myself and Ash in the bow. Mr Bob took command and was our cox for the event.

The beach start involves all boats lining up on the beach with the cox having to have one foot in the boat and the other on land, you can imagine the banter between crews with regards the sprightliness of their cox’s and the chance of leaving one behind.

Anyway, once all boats and starters were ready we were off, well, it was like jousting, with oars and boats clattering each other, shouts of “MY WATER”, “GIVE WAY” etc. etc. but the melee soon subsided and we settled in to a strong rhythm. We had a great start in the midfield in a very close race with Hettie, in stroke for the 1st time, setting a strong, long and steady stroke and Ash in only their third race clearly working hard in the bow to keep us steady

Throughout the race we had boats ahead to catch and boats behind trying to catch us. It was hard hot work, but we had excellent encouragement and advice from Mr. Bob and after rounding the final turn back towards Traeth Bychan we had a brilliant race with boat Mary Meldrum from Deganwy, catching her towards the line but were pipped to the finish, but this is what great racing is about. Safe to say we did beat other clubs, with whom we have a cheerful rivalry.

Once boats were reloaded on trailers it was back to the club for food and refreshment and the prize giving with Bob and Mike picking up a really nice trophy for their win. Our mixed boat was 11th out of the sixteen starters.

So, there we are, two weekends involving three races and some very tired bodies, recovering ready to go again.

I will take this opportunity to mention Bob Chamberlain, who is clearly enjoying his racing year, having retired as Club Captain after 12 years and being a member for 14 years and coaching for 11, the opportunity to race his single and double scull and mentor and cox the newer members on race days is clearly having a positive impact on him. Long may you row and keep pushing us to greater things. Thank you

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